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Daiichi Sankyo's Medical Information Library provides on-line access to scientific information on Daiichi Sankyo products intended only for Health Care Professionals based in the United States.This site contains information that is consistent with our products' prescribing information.The site provides data for informational purposes only, intended to provide fair-balanced answers to unsolicited questions.

This information is not intended as medical advice.  Responsibility for patient care resides with the health care professional using his or her professional license, experience, and knowledge of the patient.

Please see the appropriate product labeling included in this site for the full prescribing information on the products discussed herein. Adverse events or product complaints cannot be reported on this website. To report adverse events or product complaints, please contact the Daiichi Sankyo Contact Center, toll-free at

The site contains documents in PDF format. You may need to download Adobe Reader to successfully view the information.


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